Induction Coils

Power Parts manufactures your induction coil to meet your specific application demands and requirements. We strive to be a leader in induction coil technology and help you reach maximum production potential. We are an industry leader in the design, build, repair, and restoration of induction coils.

Design and repair of:

  • Tubing and Pipe Coils
  • Billet Coils
  • Melting Coils
  • Specialty Coils
  • Forging & Forming Coils
  • Heat Treating Coils
  • Brazing Coils
  • Pancake Coils

We can repair any coil - wether it be custom, or brand name, such as Inductotherm coils. Give us a call today and see how our exceptional customer service makes all the difference in making your purchase decision the best choice in terms of buying from product and industry experts that use top-quality materials provided at a great price.

Induction Coil Repair and Redesign

Our engineers can also redesign coils, saving you time and money. Power Parts builds coils in-house and specializes in overhauling and redesigning induction coils. Whether it is a total rebuild of your induction coil or a repair, we have specialists dedicated to meeting your needs.

Power Parts understands the need for a quick turnaround time, and we strive to produce quality and long lasting coils that we can deliver to you in a timely manner. Contact Us to find out more! We have locations throughout the US, including Houston, TX.

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