Induction Forging Equipment

UA5A9493Induction forging is a quick and energy-efficient process used to heat materials using induction heating prior to forming them to your desired shape.

Whether it be billet, bar, slab, or other, the induction forging processes delivers superior productivity, part quality, equipment reliability, and work cell flexibility.

Your productivity is improved due to rapid heating, instant startup, optional hold features, ease of integration into an existing process, reduced down-time, reduction of parts in process, and by the fact that the machine can control production rate, not the operator.

Induction forging can dramatically improve the consistency of part quality, with significantly reduced scale. With this reduced scale comes substantial decreases in steel (or other metals) consumption and increased die life. The strong reliability factor of induction heating systems is a major advantage, as is the flexibility to often fit within existing work cells.


We Supply You With Everything You Need to Create & Maintain Your Induction Forge


FORGING POWER SUPPLIES: Our forging power supplies have a long track record of high reliability in the harshest environments. We use SCR or IGBT based power supplies for forging processes, which provide a wide range of frequency options. This allows optimized frequency selection for your requirements, based upon part sizes, production rate, and material.

CONTROLS: We can customize a controls package according to your requirements. A PLC/HMI can control power level and feed cycle via recipe recall, if required.

WATER SYSTEMS: We will engineer an optimized water-cooling solution, based upon your cooling requirements and other factors.

Billet Forging:

FEEDING: We will typically use either magazine, step, or bowl feeders to feed the system. We use v-flight or other conveyor feeders to move billets into drive position.

DRIVE SYSTEM: We will typically use pusher or pinch wheel to drive the billets.

COILS: We can design, build, and repair, any style forging coil. Forging coils can be built with replaceable liners or water-cooled skid rails. Quick disconnect features allow for faster coil change out.

CONVEYORS: We build high-speed conveyors to rapidly deliver billet to press operator or robot pick up point. We use vibratory and conveyor for infeed.

TEMPERATURE INSPECTION & CONTROL: We offer temperature inspection via IR Pyrometer, with over and under reject options. Temperature control is achievable via IR Pyrometer feedback for hold modes when required.

OTHER OPTIONS: We can build shuttles for automatic coil movement. Power parts will design billet extractions system when required.


Bar End Forging:

COIL FEEDING: Bar end heating is typically fed via conveyor, robot, or operator.

COILS: We can design, build, and repair, any style bar end coil. Bar end coils are typically either ‘Channel’ or ‘Solenoid’ style.

CONVEYORS: We builds conveyors to move bar ends thru coils or alternatively index and insert into ‘Solenoid’ coils.

AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS: We can build fully and semi-automatic bar end systems.


We strive to be your turn-key solution for all of your induction forging needs. Contact us to receive a free quote to create, fix, or maintain your induction forge.