Induction Forging Equipment

UA5A9493Induction forging is a quick and energy efficient process used to heat materials using induction heating prior to forming them to your desired shape.

Power Parts can customize an adaptable top quality induction forge heating solution to meet each of your specific forging needs. Each of your pieces and their components are heated uniformly to the same temperature.

Supported by our solid-state power supplies, covering a range of sizes and forms, you will produce consistent results every time, on every heat treated piece.

Our Forging Equipment and Induction Coils are designed for:

  • Billet Heating
  • Bar End Heating
  • Slab Heating
  • Custom Applications
  • Consistent Quality

At Power Parts International, our state of the art forging equipment allows you to precisely control and provide the exact temperature for every run. This ensures an exact high quality and uniform surface finish for your products each and every time.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Our customized forging equipment ensures you achieve high-level productivity and energy efficiency.

The process of induction forging:

  • Uses only the needed energy to reach the desired forging temperature.
  • Regulated by our solid state power supplies which operate at the best frequency for your production run.
  • Ensures you achieve high quality while operating at and maintaining maximum energy efficiency.
  • Can cold start and heat your product at full production within minutes.
  • Requires fewer parts-in-process, which can substantially reduce your in-house material inventories and help prevent accidental overruns.

Interested in our custom solutions? Contact us now for a quote! We can also provide you with more information on Power Parts International’s induction forges and other heating solutions for your business.

Visit our youtube channel for some videos of our induction heating equipment.