Induction Furnace Equipment Solutions for Your Company

induction furnacePower Parts International will meet with you to discuss your induction melting plans, and then design and build an induction metal melting furnace that will fit all of your company’s needs. Whether your metals are ferrous, nonferrous, or precious, our extensive variety of custom built induction equipment is tailored to meet the demanding need and production requirements of medium to large sized foundries, specialty foundries, and the precious metals industry. Unlike our competitors, we focus on high quality, customized induction heating solutions that are the best fit for your induction melting needs!


We offer power supplies up to 8,000kW with melting capabilities ranging from one pound to 20 tons.

Induction Furnaces For Sale 

induction furnaceOur custom built induction furnaces are designed and built to accommodate the following operations:

  • Aluminum Melting
  • Copper Melting
  • Steel and Stainless Steel Melting
  • Silicon Melting
  • Zinc Melting
  • Precious Metals Melting

Benefits of Induction Heating

At Power Parts International, we can design and build you a customized induction heating machine that will:

  • Increase your business productivity, and
  • Increase your operational and energy efficiency

As induction furnaces are electrical, there is no combustion or arc needed, making for a controllable melt that limits pollutants that other metal heating techniques generate.

The Induction Melting Process

Watch our video of induction heat treating / induction melting by our equipment here:


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Our experts have been in the business since 1988, and bring nearly 30 years of experience to the table when designing, building, installing, maintaining and repairing your induction heating equipment.