Induction Heat treating equipmentInduction Heat Treating Technology

Induction heating is the most controllable and energy-efficient way to apply heat during the heat treating process. Because the technique is non-contact by nature, our induction heat treating equipment allows for high production rates that meet the most demanding metallurgical requirements. Localized heating and direct magnetic coupling into the part minimizes ambient heat in the local environment, which enhances operator safety and comfort. Contact Power Parts today to learn more about our induction equipment.

Our Induction Heat Treating Equipment

Our versatile and high-performing induction heat treatment equipment is designed to heat treat your parts using either scanning or single shot heat treatment induction heating methods. As a leading supplier and innovator of induction equipment, heating solutions, and power supplies, Power Parts has the experience, know-how, and products necessary to meet your critical production needs. Put our heating industry experts to work for you!

We will meet with you to learn more about your production needs, and will then design and build a high-quality, fully automated induction heating solution within your budget that maximizes your output and remains energy efficient.

Some our capabilities of our induction heating machines include:

  • Bolt & Fastener Hardening
    induction heat treating equipment
    Induction Heat Treating by Power Parts International
  • Crane Wheel Hardening
  • Crankshaft Hardening
  • Cylinder Liner Scanning
  • Gear Hardening
  • Tooth by Tooth Gear Hardening
  • Mining Bit Brazing & Hardening
  • Pin Hardening
  • Shafts & Rods
  • Slew Ring Hardening
  • Track Link Hardening

We also sell used induction heaters and used induction heating equipment.