Induction Heating Power Supply

All PPI Induction Heating Power Supplies feature:

  • Ergonomic designs for easy maintenance.
  • Optically isolated external control inputs for maximum electrical noise immunity.
  • Circuit breakers, fuses, & current transducers with high speed fault for maximum line over current protection.
  • Conservative power device rating for maximum reliability.
  • Internal pressure switches featured on all oil filled water cooled capacitors.
  • Conservative thermal design for cool device operation at maximum water temperatures.
  • Low water pressure and high water temperature faults.
  • Conservative conductor sizing for cool operation in high ambient temperatures.
  • Large, efficient DC chokes to minimize line disturbances and limit fault current water cooled snubber components to minimize internal temperature rise.

If you’re looking for induction heating power supply equipment, look no further than Power Parts Inc! We are your #1 choice in Wisconsin & Texas. Check out our variety of induction power supply equipment below.

induction heating power supplies


The RTS Induction Power Supply is designed for heat treating and some forging applications. The RTS Power Supply is designed for heat treating and some forging applications. It is customized to deliver a power range from 25 kW to 500kW and 1kHz to 75 kHz, and be modified as a dual frequency unit.

induction power supply


The RTX Power Supply is the most versatile and powerful of the Power Parts International product line. With a range of 200kW to 8MW and 180Hz to 1.2Khz, making it capable of managing all melting and mass heating applications including tubular and steel treatments.

induction power supply


The RTSX Power Supply is the newest addition to our product line. This unit extends all of the benefits of the RTX, but includes a higher frequency range by using the latest IGBT technology. RTSX is ideal for melting applications ranging from 50kW to 500kW and 3kHz to 10kHz.


We are a world-wide provider of Induction Heating Power Supplies! If you are in need of a heating solution, application, repair, or any kind of induction power supply, Power Parts Inc. has your back! Contact us for a custom quote for your specific induction heating needs!