The RTS Power Supply is designed for heat treating and some forging applications. It can be customized to deliver a power range from 25 kW to 500kW and 1kHz to 75kHz, and be modified as a dual frequency unit.

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IGBT technology
  • Magnetically isolated output
  • Ground Fault Protection, if required
  • Unity inverter output power factor for maximum load matching and power transfer
  • Fiber optically fired IGBT's for maximum noise immunity
  • IGBT over current sensors with high speed fault circuits
  • over sized and laminated output bus bar which minimized power loss and reduces magnetic coupling
    • Power Output: 25kW to 500kW
    • Output Frequency: 1kHz to 75kHz
    • Coil Configuration:
    • Water System:

    • Heat Treating
    • Camshafts
    • Gears
    • Other smaller forging applications

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