The RTX Power Supply is the most versatile and powerful of the Power Parts International product line. With a range of 200kW to 8MW and 180Hz to 1.2Khz, making it capable of managing all melting and mass heating applications including tubular and steel treatments. Due to the latest in SCR technology, the RTX product line requires fewer power devices and provides automatic load matching, ensuring minimal operator interaction and no manual tap changes.

FeaturesTech SpecsPhotosApplications
SCR technology
  • Requires fewer power devices
  • Automatic load matching
  • Minimal operator interaction
  • Ground Fault Protection
  • Molded case circuit breaker and fuses
  • Fast-acting electronic overcurrent and voltage connections
  • Highest speed protection circuitry and minimum component count - highest reliability in its class
    • Power Output: 200kW to 8MW
    • Output Frequency: 180Hz to 1.2kHz
    • Coil Configuration:
    • Water System:
    Coming Soon!
    • Mass Heating
    • Billet Heating
    • Forging
    • Large Diameter Projects
    • Tubular treatments
    • Steel Treatments
    • Melting

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